Code of Practice.


1.         In becoming a member of the Guild of Professional Videographers an individual contracts to uphold and conform to this code of practice.

2.         All members will conduct their business in a decorous and professional manner and will not participate in any illegal or immoral act.

3.         All members will dress appropriately and carry out their work with the least disruption or interference to, the place and surroundings in which they are working. This applies in particular where members are working in a place of worship. In this case a suit and tie are mandatory for male members. Members engaged in recording religious services would respect the sanctity of a place of worship and its surrounding buildings.

4.         Members will, with each commission strive to produce the best possible video film for their client, and any such video film produced will equal or surpass in quality any video film used by a member for demonstration purposes.

5.         Members will not contravene any copyright laws legally in force during the production of a video film.

6.         All members will accept a client's right to ask the Guild to act as an arbitrator, if the client agrees to abide by the decision of the Guilds arbitrator, the member must accept such decision and responsibility to remedy if applicable.

7.         All members will respect a client's confidentiality in regards to information supplied or gained in going about the project undertaken.

8.         In cases where a client has commissioned a member to produce a video film, if such video film contains information that the client deems to be confidential or secret, then the member under takes not to show such video film or any form of copy to any member of the general public.

9.         Members will offer clients a reasonable comprehensive contract outlining the terms and conditions of such contracts, and will offer a reasonable guarantee of satisfaction.

10.       All members will maintain a polite, courteous and co-operative interaction with other members, and with those professionals involved in other related trades or professions, and members who are engaged in filming weddings will abide by any wishes of the clergy.



C 2010  Copyright The Guild of Professional Videographers.